Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Episode posted!

My apologies for the tardiness of this update... some minor computer problems (I'm gonna blame the operator for good measure). But our Latest Episode is up... Episode 40: Boffer? I hardly even know her!
On this weeks show we have two special guests, Razorvine as becoming more and more regular... and Wieze our resident expert on Boffer LARPing... we pull back the curtain on this great past time and tell you alot of in depth stuff about the game amtgard. Check it out!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oct 13th Show posted!

New Episode of Difficulty Check is up!

This week we talk more about the Song of Ice and Fire, specifically the social combat and warfare mechanics. We are also joined by Razorvine in our initiative check for LARPing 101.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

DC2E: Episode 38

Difficulty Check: 2nd Edition: Episode 38 - A house built on sand is only worth 10 points

This week the boys talk about A Song of Fire and Ice RPG system, and really indepth about house stats... also in Aberrant Theater, Daksa and Grail from Casually Hardcore find out that Seatle really does get earthquakes at the worst times.

Music for this Episode is brought to you by Jeff Workman. Check out his work at or check out his album Love, Lust, and Dancin' on amazon or other fine retailers.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Versus the World mission v1 COMPLETE!

After some more tinkering and toiling, the Versus the World mission is complete.

For some background, City of Heroes added a feature in the game that allowed you to script your own missions, based within their custom mission system. You can make your own characters, choose their powers, choose from hundreds of maps, and set mission objectives to your heart's content.

So I present the 4 part mission - Versus the World by Ursine Master

(Amelia OBD is your contact for the missions)

A good mission needs a good contact, and Amelia Overbay-Day has lent her Gnorthrend Gnews likeness to the cause... she warns you that several VtW shows are under attack!

(The crew of Show X- Docdead, Lord Octale, and Gohex)

Your first mission will be at the condominium lair of Show X, where you must meet up with Docdead, Octale, and Gohex before confronting the boss of archinos soldiers that have infested the lair.

(The crew of Casually Hardcore - Daksa, Grail, Iolite, Gnomewise, and Gwenora)

The next phase of your adventure is to join the CH crew as they defend against an onslaught of redcaps. Their leaders can be difficult, so you may wish to have powerful allies on your side.

(The crew of Difficulty Check: 2nd Edition - Ursi and Mr. NNJ)
The third leg of your journey takes you to the Difficulty Check Towers where the circle of thorns have invaded, looking for key fragments for a portal generator. Collect the pieces first, before they fall into the wrong hands.

(Who is the mystery boss?)

The last leg of the journey takes you to confront the mastermind behind the attacks... but who is it? What does he/she/it want? The answer may shock you... or perhaps it wont.

Give this mission a shot and leave your comment. Also there is a Versus the World super group forming on Pinnicle: Hero side for any interested parties... message Ursine Master in game if interested.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New episode posted...

This week I'm joined by my good pal, Razorvine as we talk about Old and New World of Darkness... is what's old new again? Or is it still old? And what about the new? I then ask Razor which child is his favorite, to which he gives a surprising answer!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sneak Peek: City of Heroes - Versus the World mission

I've been back on City of Heroes for a couple weeks now... and have always loved the Architect builder, where you can design your own missions and story arcs... as a proud member of the versus the world network as well, I decided to try my hand at some fan created fun.

Here is a sneak peek at the work in progress for Versus the World (created by Ursine Master)

The super heroes/villians are greeted by the station and internet's own Amelia Overbay-Day and her Gnorthrend Gnews persona. She warns you that the shows are under attack and could use your help.

Your first stop is the condominium lair of Show X, with Gohex and Octale fighting side by side as you remove the spider soldier threat that has taken over.

Your next step is to join the casuals come to life as they fight for their lives against redcaps in a burning forest... nobody really knows how they got there, nor why they look like characters from another MMO, but if they ever hope to escape, they will need your help.

I am continuing to build and tweak missions during the next couple weeks... I plan to add the difficulty check towers level with myself Ursi and Mr. NNJ... and a finale mission where everything comes clear as to who's behind the madness.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Difficulty Check: Second Edition - Episode 33

New Show posted.

Episode 33 - Pass the popcorn, it's MEGA-GNOME

This week the boys are joined by Amelia Overbay-Day as they discuss movi
es that are wonderful research material for your table top and larping games.

And in the initiative check, we are joined by Gnomewise from Casually Hardcore as he delves deep into the world of Aberrant, and discovers that all the time working in EM fields has paid off.